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Delivery Date and Time

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You can select your desired delivery date at the time of order.

If you wish to change the delivery date after placing an order, please go to "My Page: Order History" and click the order number you wish to make a change to, then edit the date and time.
Note: Delivery date can only be changed while the Current Status is showing "Order Received." (See My Page: Order History)
If you selected batch shipment, delivery date should be between 6 days and 3 weeks from initial order.

[ Choosing Delivery Date ]
Delivery date should be between 6 days and 3 weeks from ordering.
- You cannot select delivery date for Pre-order items. Please go to My Page and set the desired date of delivery after the shipping date has been finalised.
- In some cases delivery date cannot be designated at all.

[ Choosing Delivery Time ]
8:00~12:00, 12:00~18:00, 18:00~21:00
Courier cannot be specified.
Certain branch offices may have different time table